Why Choose Arıx Travel

  • Luxury Vehicles

    Our most popular selections begin with the BMW and Mercedes series. We are always ready to serve your needs by being able to accommodate exotic vehicles such as Rolls Royce and Bentley and certified armoured vehicles such as B-4 and B-7.

  • Commute Safe and Insured

    All our drivers are English speakers and hold an SRC 2, SRC 4 and Psych-technical certification. With the cooperation of Agun International Security Solutions, all our drivers take part in special security courses and obtain certifications on safe drive, soft drive, and hard drive.

  • The Option to Select Any Vehicle and Driver

    With our innovative system that focuses on complete customer satisfaction by providing you the option to select any luxury vehicle and the driver that will be operating the vehicle.

  • Pick-up and Drop-off Services at Any Location

    Whether you are at the airport, hotel, workplace, vacation, nightclub or anywhere else, we are always ready to be at your service anytime, anywhere you need us. We will pick you up and safely take you to your next destination.

  • Comfort and Snack Bar

    We know how idle time can feel when traveling, but we ease this idle time with our latest model of vehicles as they come with access to IPad Tablet, free Wi-Fi, daily newspapers and a snack bar that consists of Evian water bottle, Vivedent gum and other delicious snacks.

  • 24/7 Service Guaranteed

    The operation of our business is 24/7 that includes Statuary Holidays, so you can rely on us to be always there for you whenever you need our services.

Our References and Certıfıcatıons

Beylerbeyi Palace Hotel
Cigna Sigorta
Metlife Sigorta
Agun Security
Deloitte Consultant
Borusan Holding
Garlin Security Consultant
KZC Group

What Servıces Do We Offer?

Our company was formed in 2015, but our root is actually much older and is built upon the 20 years of vast professional knowledge and experiences of Tourism, Travel and Security industry our Founders, Veli Arı and Anwar Turkistani. We are like a big family here at Arix Travel, we are not just here to transfer you, but to understand and exceed your expectations and needs.

We can provide any vehicle you desire with the driver of your choice. We can organize a Yacht or a Helicopter tour over the amazing scenery of the Bosphorus. We can act as your personal assistant, help you with the purchase of your airplane ticket and organize your meetings. The important aspect of our business model is not the vehicle we provide. It is the customer service orientated driver we send who is ready to assist you all day and night. We can take care of your reservations for restaurants and night clubs and get your personal plane ready anytime. Wherever you wish to travel in the world, your ticket will be purchased and the online check in will be taken care of. If you travel abroad with our assistance, we negotiate with respectable foreign companies to keep track of your needs until you return to Turkey, at no extra cost to you. With your personal driver/assistant your vehicle will always be ready on time to take you where you wish. The only thing you will need to focus on when you work with us is your business. Anything besides your business will be taken care of and be notified to you. In your travels, inside our vehicles enjoy your free Wi-Fi and the rich selection of products in our snack bar. If you feel like reading, we always have quality selection of magazines and newspapers in the vehicle. And Ipad tablet, inside the vehicle, is just one the many services we provide. If you wish to travel by an armoured vehicle, we provide a bodyguard from one of the most respected and trustable security agency in Turkey, AGUN SECURITY. We are only a phone or email away from serving you. All you have to do is wish forsomething; we will take care of the rest.


Our VIP Vehıcles

Travel in comfort and top quality with our luxury choices of vehicles.

Our bi-lingual, experienced drivers and assistants are always at your service.

Mercedes C-E-S Series
BMW 3-5-7 Series
Mercedes Vito
Mercedes Sprinter

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